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Born is 1974, Craig Talbot grew up in a very creative environment, along with chaos and strife.  He learned to use art as an escape and a source of hope very early in his life.  He nurtured and developed his craft over many years.  He went to Red Deer college in 1994, but left early due to his ongoing struggle with drugs.  He lost his ability to paint for a year, but was called to do a two person show in 1997, and from there, he began to find hope again.  He has been working in Canada now for nearly 15 years. 

Also struggling with mental illness, Craig Talbot has used his work to deflate the intentions of suicidal depression.  Art, spirituality and the love of his family has set Craig on a new, path abundant with growth and a new positive outlook.

Working for years in the realm of abstraction and combine painting, shortly after, drawing again, Craig Talbot began to establish himself.  Both within his own mind, and within the art community with several exhibitions including credibility as a solo artist.  In later years, and presently, he works in addition to painting, in sculpture and aboriginal craft.  Regarding painting, he has branched out into portraiture, figurative work and still life.  very recently, he has combined all of these diverse styles into a unique hybrid of contrasting styles, but with a unifying structural element.

He currently lives and works in Edmonton Alberta, where he paints and sculpts in his home studio.

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